infinity alpha 650c 6.5 inch two-way component car speaker peak power 315watts

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Infinity Alpha 650c 6.5 Inch Two-Way Component Car Speaker Peak Power 315Watts''The Infinity Alpha 650c is a high-end audio speaker system designed specifically for cars. Its purpose is to heighten your in-car music escapade to new levels with its exceptional audio output capability. ''Key Specifications & Attributes:''1. Size: As the name suggests, it is a 6.5-inch speaker, which is a common format suitable universally for most vehicle models and makes. It ensures a perfectly snug fit in your car's existing speaker casing.''2. Type: It's a two-way component system, meaning it includes separate woofers and tweeters to effectively cover both the higher and lower range of frequencies. An external crossover network is included to facilitate the superior handling of frequencies directed to the woofer and tweeter. ''3. Peak Power: The speaker comes with a high peak power capacity of 315 watts enabling it to produce a clear, crisp, and rich sound that makes your music-listening experience immersive and pleasant. ''4. Construction: The speaker frame is designed with high-quality materials for durability. The tweeter is adjustable, enabling it to be positioned for optimal sound in your vehicle. ''5. Sound Quality: The Infinity Alpha 650c is acclaimed for reproducing accurate, strong, and detailed sound at all volume levels. It comprises both a woofer for successful low-frequency response and a tweeter for high-frequency sounds. This combination preserves the depth and detail of the music track.''6. Installation: The speaker comes with a comprehensive instruction manual making the installation process a breeze. However, it may always be best to have it installed professionally for maximum performance.''7. Design: The speaker sports an elegant design that can aesthetically enhance your car's interior.''In summary, the Infinity Alpha 650c 6.5 Inch Two-Way Car Component Speaker with a Peak Power of 315Watts is designed for music enthusiasts who desire an amazing in-car audio experience. Crafted with Infinity’s years of expertise, quality, and sophistication, it makes music come to life in your car, delivering the audio performance that Infinity fans have come to know and love.


Brand Infinity
Title infinity alpha 650c 6.5 inch two-way component car speaker peak power 315watts