Infinity ALPHA6520 6.5 2-way Car Coaxial Speakers

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Infinity ALPHA6520 6.5” 2-way Car Coaxial Speakers''Product Description: Loaded with cutting-edge technology and exceptional features, the Infinity ALPHA6520 is designed to offer unparalleled audio quality. It's a set of two 6.5-inch coaxial speakers, perfect for upgrading your car audio experience. ''Key Features: ''1. Powerful Audio Performance: With a peak power handling of up to 190 watts, the speakers ensure robust and dynamic sound. They deliver a well-rounded, large audio image, which makes every journey in your vehicle an enjoyable experience.''2. 2-Way Design: This means the sound is produced via two separate speaker drivers or units. One driver covers high-frequency sound, adding sharpness to your music, while the other manages the middle to low ranges for deep and crisp effects.''3. Plus One+ Woofer Cones: Infinity's unique Plus One+ woofer technology extends the cone right up to the edge of the basket for a larger surface area than competitors' models. This allows the speaker to produce deeper bass.''4. Superior Material: They feature a durable rubber surround and a balanced textile dome tweeter, which helps to improve long-term performance and enabling high-quality sound reproduction over a variety of music genres.''5. Easy Installation: The ALPHA6520 speakers come with grilles, a pair of two speakers, and speaker wire, offering a seamless installation and fitting most factory-built speaker brackets.''6. Impressive Frequency Response: The frequency response of 53Hz – 21kHz allows the speakers to effectively reproduce a wide array of sounds, delivering all the acoustical details in your favorite music tracks.''7. Sensitivity: The sensitivity rating of 92dB ensures efficient operation even at lower power outputs from your stereo system. ''8. Warranty: The product comes with a manufacturer's standard warranty, protecting you against any potential factory defects.''The Infinity ALPHA6520 6.5” 2-way Car Coaxial Speakers is an excellent choice for anyone who values high-quality audio. Whether you're a music lover or just someone wanting to improve their car's sound system, these speakers will undoubtedly enhance your listening experience.


Brand Infinity
Title Infinity ALPHA6520 6.5 2-way Car Coaxial Speakers