JVC CS-DR6940 - 6 x 9 inch 4-Way DRVN Series Speaker

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'JVC CS-DR6940 - 6 x 9 inch 4-Way DRVN Series Speaker'''Detailed Description:''The JVC CS-DR6940 is a part of the esteemed DRVN series from the highly recognized brand JVC. This 6x9 inch 4-way speaker system provides you with unparalleled audio output, ensuring excellent sound quality for your listening pleasure.''Here are some key features:''1. Size and Design: With their size of 6x9 inches, these speakers make an ideal fit for most car sound systems. Their sleek design allows for a non-obtrusive fit in your vehicle, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your car interiors.''2. Sound Quality: The CS-DR6940 boasts of a 4-way audio system, enabling it to produce a wide spectrum of sound frequencies clearly and effectively, delivering excellent audio output for a more tailored sound experience. ''3. Power Handling Capability: These 4-way speakers have a peak power rating of 550 watts, providing ample power to push out your favorite tunes at high volumes without distortion. ''4. Durable Materials: The speakers feature a ferrite magnet and hybrid surround, ensuring excellent sturdiness and durability. They are designed to endure harsh conditions, extending their lifespan significantly.''5. Advanced Technology: JVC CS-DR6940 utilizes the JVC's latest technology, providing richer and deep bass reproduction that creates an immersive audio surround experience. ''6. Easy Installation: The JVC speakers come with installation hardware, ensuring a seamless and stress-free setup process.''Overall, the JVC CS-DR6940 - 6 x 9 inch 4-Way DRVN Series Speaker is a fantastic choice for consumers looking for an amazing audio experience from a reputable brand. Whether you're planning for long road trips or simply enhancing your daily commutes, this speaker would serve you exceptionally well.'


Brand JVC
Title JVC CS-DR6940 - 6 x 9 inch 4-Way DRVN Series Speaker