JVC Mobile CS-J6930 J Series Coaxial Speakers (6 x 9 3 Way 400 Watts)

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JVC Mobile CS-J6930 is a part of the J Series that features a set of 6 x 9-inch, 3-way coaxial speakers, designed to offer superior sound quality without compromising on standards. ''First and foremost, the CS-J6930 uses high power handling with a peak power of 400 W. This denotes the highest output that the speakers can produce. This ensures that your car audio experience is loud, clear, and powerful.''The speaker frequency response is 30-22,000 Hz, and the speakers are built with Mica cones with poly-ether imide cone tweeters, and ferrite magnets ensuring full-range sound quality throughout the spectrum of audio that the human ear can perceive. ''Their 3-way design effectively separates different frequencies to dish out crisp and detailed sound quality at all levels of volume. In general, a 3-way speaker gives better audio quality as it has dedicated drivers for high, mid and low frequencies making the audio output more balanced and natural.''The speaker impedance is 4 ohms which stands for resistance provided to the power supplied by your car's amplifier. This lower impedance assists in getting maximum output from your speakers with less power. ''Another visible feature is the hybrid surround built with rubber and cloth which delivers robust bass and mid-level frequencies ensuring an overall balanced output of sound.''JVC Mobile CS-J6930 is not only designed for high performance but is also built to last with its sturdy frame, and heat-resistant voice coil which is able to withstand high temperature and continuous power handling ensuring an impressive lifespan.''Whether it be for everyday use or for those special drives, this speaker will create an immersive audio experience in your car. Please review the product configurations with your car's sound system for compatibility. Enjoy your music to the fullest with JVC Mobile CS-J6930 J Series Coaxial Speakers.


Brand JVC
Title JVC Mobile CS-J6930 J Series Coaxial Speakers (6 x 9 3 Way 400 Watts)